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Hi, people! Happy 2016!
I wish everyone a great year! :D

1) $10.00 (USD) Traditional Art for only one character, no background, no colors. Ex.:  #Inktober 14 - Wanda Maximoff by soletine
2) $15.00 (USD) Traditional Art for only one character, no background, with colors (markers, watercolor or colored pencil). Ex.:  #Inktober 19 - Vanessa Ives by soletine
3) I'll draw only one character per price. Two characters will cost $20.00-30.00 per illustration.
4) Format: Bust up, knee up or fullbody
5) Paypal payment ONLY! (except you live in Brazil. Then, I'll give you another option)
6)  50% before I start your work and the other 50% after I finish it.

For ordering, send me a note or e-mail to with the description of your character or illustration. You can be very specific in your descriptions and even attach references if you want to. The more details you give me, the better it will be, but I kindly ask you to avoid slang and write me the more formal you can, because my English isn’t that good! XP

When I complete the artwork, I gonna send you a link for hi-res scan (300dpi) and post a low-res in my DA gallery and facebook page….
I WON`T MAKE CHANGES! If you want any change,you must pay a new commission.
Remember: this is Traditional Art, but no you'll receive a digital copy! No shipping!. If you want the original artwork,please NOTE ME.
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Submitted on
January 3, 2016